Mushroom complex with ashwagandha and fulvic acid

  • 7 whole-mushroom complexes

  • Improves body function

  • Promotes restful sleep and relaxation


A powerful brew containing mushrooms, ashwagandha, and fulvic acid that helps support body function, restful sleep, and skin health.

A powerful brew consisting of seven mushrooms, ashwagandha, and fulvic acid, which work together synergistically to help support body function, promote restful sleep & stress management, and improve skin health.

How to use:

Add one teaspoon to 6-8 ounces of filtered, boiling water. Stir thoroughly to dissolve, then allow to cool to a desired drinking temperature. For maximum effect, strain first and drink while warm before sleep. Use up to two times daily.


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The Benefits of Replenish

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The body is one of the most powerful regulators for our health, giving us everything we need to live well and recover right. But like any machine, it requires power (energy) to function. The less we make our body work to meet our energy demands, the better our body can function. Replenish uses fulvic aid to help capture all the beneficial nutrients within this powerful beverage and transport them to your cells for maximum absorption and utilization (and minimal wasted energy).

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This powerful blend provides the nutrition that your body needs to relax and replenish itself after a long day. Ashwagandha helps your mind and body to rest and recharge more fully at night by taking advantage of the powerful ingredients you’ve just ingested: the chaga mushroom, a powerful adaptogen that helps clear the mind by calming the nervous system, plus shilajit and six other whole-mushroom complexes that all help support adrenal function, promote natural hormone balance, and help regulate stress response and mental clarity. 

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Turkey tail mushroom is a good source of fiber that helps feed a healthy microbiome. The healthier and more in balance the microbiome, the better the gut-skin connection. If that wasn’t enough to make you blush, Replenish contains the tremella mushroom, which has skin-enhancing properties that span from increased moisturization and skin hydration to improved skin elasticity and complexion support.

Mushrooms that support immune response

Replenish is packed with immunity-supporting ingredients like chaga, maitake, turkey tail, and oyster mushrooms, as well as antioxidant-rich cinnamon. The maitake mushroom is one of nature’s greatest sources of beta-glucans, complex natural sugars that are among some of the most potent and natural immune-supporting chemicals. So, the next time you’re not feeling so hot, it’s probably a good time to Replenish!