Whole-Flower Hemp CBD Muscle Rub

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  • Natural Comfort

  • Whole-Flower Hemp Fluid


Soothe tired muscles with the natural power of hemp cannabis, wintergreen, camphor, menthol, peppermint, rosemary, and more. These ingredients are all sourced from the heart of Mother Nature herself to provide an effective muscle rub that is safe for everyone.

How to use:

Apply a small amount to clean skin and gently massage for a quick, calming effect. Wash hands after application.


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The Benefits of Relieve

Rest and relax with the natural benefits that come from Relieve’s botanical ingredients and natural moisturizers. Menthol provides a pleasant cooling sensation over muscles; wintergreen, methyl salicylate, and peppermint, can help soothe tension; rosemary and camphor are known to soothe irritated skin, and whole-flower hemp CBD fluid delivers the full beneficial profile of hemp cannabis.


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This blend of botanical ingredients and natural moisturizers encourages a cleaner, more refined muscle-rub experience. Plus, it also packs in the power—and fast absorption—of whole-flower hemp CBD. Unlike the conventional CBD fluids that can take forever to kick-in, the whole-flower CBD fluid works with tremendous speed and efficiency, resulting in a more immediate and rewarding experience.

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We’ve tapped into nature—not chemicals—to help support your body with ingredients you can trust. Relieve includes seven botanical ingredients, six natural moisturizers, and the full beneficial profile of hemp cannabis to help release the pressure of the day and help your body feel better again.

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What better way to relieve muscle fatigue than to include the highly potent, complete profile of hemp cannabis? With the added strength and improved absorption of whole-flower hemp CBD, Relieve delivers an extra layer of soothing comfort anywhere your body needs it.


Whole-flower hemp CBD, which facilitates fast-acting and longer-lasting results