Advanced type 1 collagen with superfood antioxidant support

  • Antioxidant support

  • Fortifies skin, hair & nails

  • Supports joint health


An advanced type 1 collagen formula for health and beauty that assists in rebuilding and rejuvenating hair, skin, and nails.

Glow uses type 1 collagen to support healthy bones, muscles, organs, skin, and more. As we age, our ability to produce collagen begins to wane. Glow helps your body maintain its collagen levels and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

How to use:

Take two tablespoons (1 oz) daily, preferably in the evening. For optimal benefit, take full dose all at once.

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The Benefits of Glow

Since the body is 90% type 1 collagen—even your hair, skin, and nails—we use a highly absorbable and bioactive form of type 1 collagen peptides. Most importantly, we hydrolyze the collagen ourselves! We buy raw collagen, then enzymatically hydrolyze it with natural fruit enzymes into di- and tripeptides. If you want to find a quality, traceable collagen, you don’t have to search long—those are details that few collagen companies can claim.

antioxidant support


Our collagen includes a superfood antioxidant formula that helps your body fight environmental free-radical damage at the cellular level. Each day, we encounter pollutants ranging from products to toxins in our environment, all known to have negative effects on the body. Our blend works to help minimize the negative influence of those toxic anti-aging molecules.

tranont glow collagen supplement


Collagen is the body’s most important structural protein, making up to 90% of every tissue we have, from hair and skin to muscles and bones. Glow uses advanced, type 1 collagen and biotin to help strengthen hair, skin, and nails while promoting continual growth and stability, allowing for benefits you feel on the inside and see on the outside.



Collagen production within the body naturally slows as we age. Glow helps replenish depleting collagen, and even helps prevent additional loss, by supporting the areas that need it most. Glow helps keep your skin tight and joints strong so that your body, from head to toe, can always look and feel healthy and renewed.

Not all Collagen is the Same

Collagen is a large and strong protein (a series of amino acids bonded in a chain) that must be broken down in the digestive process in order to be absorbed and utilized by the body. Our hydrolyzation process “predigests” the large protein molecule, breaking it down into smaller peptide units that can be readily absorbed and utilized by the body. Want to fast-track your path to improved radiance and beauty? Start with Glow fast-acting collagen.