My name is Heather Gilliam and I am a Registered Nurse specializing in naturopathic medicine. After spending many years in western medicine, I became discouraged and frustrated seeing my patients still suffering, oftentimes not improving, and unable to live the lives they deserved to live, but instead barely getting by or even just existing.  I began to realize that for a true holistic approach to occur, we must not just consider the physical state of a person, but must include their emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing to provide a path to optimal health. Finding the root cause of symptoms is essential. While western medicine has its place, I believe that our bodies are amazing at what they can do and when we give them the tools needed to support and repair, they respond accordingly, so we can begin to live the amazing lives we were designed to live with energy and passion. Listening and assisting people in living their best lives is what I’m passionate about. 

Mission Statement

I believe in being an advocate for my patients every day and hearing them out as they know their bodies better than any professional ever could. I believe in providing a safe place for patients to be able to start their journey towards optimal health. Having integrity, compassion, actively listening, and above all, carrying on the healing mission of Jesus is of essential importance in meeting the needs of my patients.  It all starts with one simple question: “How can I help?”